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let's do marketing differently, together

My Mindful Minimalist Marketing approach will help you simplify your marketing so you can spend less time & energy attracting clients & more time actually serving them.


It's not easy being a SOULopreneur!

You've got important work to do and the last thing you want to think about is marketing. Ugh!

Yet, you realize that marketing is essential for your business to thrive.

If you've spent time learning about and trying various marketing activities on your own, and found yourself confused and overwhelmed (while not getting the results you want), you're not alone.

There's soooo much information to wade through, much of it contradictory. Much of it not realistic for the time, energy and $ most SOULopreneurs have available for marketing. And, much of it not aligned with SOULopreneur values.

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Mindful Minimalist Marketing

SOULopreneurs are motivated differently than many entrepreneurs. You feel the pull of a ‚Äúcalling‚ÄĚ to be of service. You want to earn a living, perhaps even a generous one, but money is not the primary driving factor behind your business. So, you make decisions differently than other entrepreneurs, and benefit from using a unique approach for your marketing. An approach that is:

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Doing fewer, but carefully chosen, marketing activities is essential for a SOULopreneur because as a one-person operation, you've got limited time and energy each day!

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Being mindful throughout each day helps you maintain focus on what is truly important and will have the most impact, and avoid getting lost down rabbit holes of distraction.

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SOULopreneurs tend to thrive when they approach marketing in an unconventional way that blends research, logic and creativity...that is a balance of mind, heart and intuition.

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I believe there's no place for exaggerated results, bait-and-switch tactics, artificial urgency or other manipulative techniques in a SOULopreneur's marketing toolkit.

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Simplify your marketing.
Amplify your impact.

Marketing doesn't have to be difficult, confusing and time consuming.

Stop spinning your wheels, and hustling to do too much. Stop getting distracted by what others are doing, and second guessing yourself.

Get clear about the highest-impact marketing activities for YOUR business, and then focus on doing those things.

And, that is all EASIER to do (and MORE FUN) if you're not trying to do it all alone.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Hahn

I have an MBA with a focus in marketing, and 25+ years of experience.

¬†I've worked¬†in corporate marketing jobs, as a freelancer, and as Executive Director at not-for-profits, during which I honed a¬†wide range of skills‚ÄĒresearch, writing, graphic design, toolkit development, video editing, project management, and more.

I'm also a yoga and meditation teacher, and have studied a couple of energy healing modalities. And, I've researched and written 100+ articles for a leading health magazine, including articles on the science of establishing strong habits, the importance of gratitude and optimism, and the power of affirmations.

I¬†ūü§ć mindfulness and minimalism, but also business and marketing, and I combine these in my offerings. That's how I do marketing differently!

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What I Do

I am a generalist who can help with many things marketing-related. Sometimes I help clients with a small piece of something they're working on. Other times, I take projects from start to finish. 

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to combine writing, graphic design, project management and tech skills so that I can often be a one-stop-shop for clients, getting projects done more easily and quickly than if they had to work with different people to get each part done.

Types of Projects

  • Marketing plans
  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Sales pages
  • Webinars
  • Email marketing
  • Online courses
  • Social media
  • Grant writing and sponsorship proposals

Fave Tech Tools

  • Kajabi (and I've also worked in SquareSpace, Offering Tree, Podia, Teachable)
  • Canva (but I'm also skilled at using Adobe and Affinity design tools)
  • Word, Excel & Powerpoint
  • Google Workspace
  • Notion
  • ClickUp
  • ¬†Scrivener

Where Would You Like To Start?

I've got a variety of offerings to support you at different stages of your Mindful Minimalist Marketing journey, whether you want to do it all on your own, want some support and input, or want to hire me for done-for-you services.

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Learn about Mindful Minimalist Marketing principles and processes, cultivate your mindful work skills, and get clear about your vision.

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Mindful Minimalist Marketing 101 Toolkit

Learn my top 10 tips for simplifying all aspects of marketing in an on-demand  webinar, then apply the tips using a Review Checklist PDF & BONUS Yoga Nidra meditation. (CA$49 value) FREE!

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Mindful Work Jumpstart Challenge

Practice weaving mindful moments throughout each workday, to help you reduce distractions & maintain focus on what's most important, in this 5-day challenge + BONUS Yoga Nidra meditation. Start anytime | CA$37

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Clear Vision Retreat (online, on-demand)

Get clear about what you REALLY want to manifest in your business through Yoga Nidra for Clarity and journaling, and creating a digital vision board in Canva. Start anytime | CA$49

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Clarify exactly what you're going to focus on in the near-term, as well as what you're going to let go of¬†(or ‚Äúpark‚ÄĚ for now).

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Choose Your Channels Guide

Use this guide to reflect on key questions that need to be answered to help you determine which marketing channels/platforms are best for your business (and YOU!). (Value CA$19) FREE!

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Strategy Session

Explore your marketing ideas and priorities verbally, with me as your sounding board. Get answers to your most pressing questions and strategic Mindful Minimalist Marketing advice specific to your business in a one-on-one 60-minute Zoom session. CA$149



Get your highest-impact marketing activities done in a focused yet relaxed way, with one-on-one support from me. No frenzied hustling or wheel-spinning here!

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Momentum Mentorship

Accelerate your implementation and amplify your results with one-on-one marketing support for a month (or more). This combines strategy with goal-setting and accountability, plus personalized feedback on whatever you're working on in a given month. CA$999/mo

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Done-for-you Services

Work with me to get your marketing projects done quickly. I use my graphic design and writing/editing skills to create beautiful & compelling documents, presentation slides, sales pages, social media posts and ads (including static Instagram grids), and more. Price varies by project.


Mindful Minimalist Marketing +

In the blog, I share my thoughts about doing marketing differently, tips about how to be more focused and productive, mindful minimalist marketing stories and examples, occasional glimpses into my personal journey, and more.

The Power of Clear Intentions

4 Lessons I Learned From Time Tracking

What is a SOULopreneur?

headshot of Stephanie Hahn, owner of Calm & Creative Studio

I specialize in working with people who...

  • feel called to make a difference¬†in the world through¬†their work and¬†value work-life balance.
  • are a solopreneur or run a very small business¬†in any industry¬†that is¬†service-based.¬†They might also sell digital products¬†but¬†don't sell physical products.
  • run a small not-for-profit¬†that¬†operates a social enterprise, needs to promote free programs or services, or¬†is¬†seeking¬†grant funding and sponsorships.
  • know they need to do some marketing but¬†want to keep it simple¬†so that¬†they can spend more time doing their¬†core work.
  • are open to approaches and ideas that¬†may feel unusual for business, e.g., meditation, trusting intuition.


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Simplify. Focus. Thrive.

Stop spinning your wheels, and hustling to do too much. Stop getting distracted by what others are doing. Let me help you get clear about the highest-impact marketing activities for YOUR business and then support you in getting those things done.

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Hey SOULopreneur, let's do marketing differently, together

My Mindful Minimalist Marketing approach will help you simplify your marketing so you can spend less time & energy attracting clients & more time actually serving them.