Mindful Minimalist Marketing 101 for SOULopreneurs


Learn my top 10 tips for simplifying all aspects of your marketing so that you can spend less time & energy attracting clients, and more time actually serving them.

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It's not easy being a SOULopreneur!

You've got important work to do and the last thing you want to think about is marketing. Ugh! Yet, you realize that marketing is essential for your business to thrive.

If you've spent time learning about and trying various marketing activities on your own, and found yourself confused and overwhelmed (while not getting the results you want), you're not alone.

There's soooo much information to wade through, much of it contradictory. Much of it not realistic for the time, energy and $ most SOULopreneurs have available for marketing. And, much of it not aligned with SOULopreneur values.


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Simplify your marketing.
Amplify your impact.

Marketing doesn't have to be difficult, confusing and time consuming.

Stop spinning your wheels, and hustling to do too much. Stop getting distracted by what others are doing, and second guessing yourself.

Get clear about the highest-impact marketing activities for YOUR business, and then focus on doing those things.

How? A great place to start is with this FREE Mindful Minimalist Marketing 101 for SOULopreneurs toolkit.

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What's included?

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Mindful Minimalist Marketing 101 Webinar

In this¬†50-minute on-demand webinar, you'll learn how to keep simplicity in mind as you make ALL marketing decisions‚ÄĒfrom who you serve, to¬†what you offer,¬†to your pricing, promotion & more.

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Mindful Minimalist Marketing Review Checklist

Use this handy PDF checklist to do a quick review of your marketing efforts through the lens of Mindful Minimalist Marketing. It will help you identify areas where you've perhaps allowed unnecessary complexity or just too many activities to creep in, and get you back on track toward marketing simplicity.

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BONUS: Yoga Nidra

Listen to this 40-minute Yoga Nidra for Focus as often as you like, to quiet the mind, release stress from the body, and cultivate the focus you need to thrive as a SOULopreneur.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie Hahn.

I'm a fellow SOULopreneur with an MBA and 25+ years of experience.

Through my work in corporate marketing jobs, as a freelancer, and as Executive Director at not-for-profits, I've become proficient at strategic planning, research, writing, graphic design, project management, and more.

I'm not just a marketer, though. I'm also a yoga teacher, health writer, and trained energy worker.

My approach to marketing is unique because I combine my love of business and marketing with my love of mindfulness and minimalism in all of my offerings.

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