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The Power of Clear Intentions

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Quite early in my life, I experienced first-hand the power of setting clear intentions.

As part of a career development course I took during my MBA, I had to do a fun exercise where I journaled about my vision for my desired, ideal future. I gave it some thought, wrote a detailed description, then promptly forgot about it. Thankfully, I kept the journal from that course and about a decade later I stumbled across it in the basement and was stunned to read it again.

Here’s a summary. I had written that I wanted to be married with two children, a girl and a boy, working from home in an office with a view of a forest, doing writing/publishing work. And, I would have two dogs, a golden retriever and a German shepherd.

Ten-ish years after writing that journal entry, I was indeed married with two children, a girl and a boy, working from home in an office with a view of a forest, doing writing/publishing work! The only thing that was off was the part about the dogs. I only had one dog at the time, and he was a golden doodle. (Now, I do have two dogs, but they are a labradoodle and a mini golden doodle, so still a bit off from the original vision.)

Before that happened I already believed that we have the ability to shape our lives by what we visualize and focus on, but this experience really catapulted that belief to a new level for me. After such a clear demonstration of the law of attraction in my own life, I felt a big responsibility to be very clear about what I want.

Be careful what you wish for

I admit that even though I understand the importance of being clear, I haven’t always been. Or, I was clear and got what I thought I wanted, only to discover it wasn’t REALLY what I wanted. (The “be careful what you wish for” saying rings very true for me.)

So now I set intentions that allow for some flexibility. Generally that means the intentions I set are at a higher, big-picture level and not super granular and detailed. I focus on how I want to feel, or broadly what I want to be doing and with whom. I put that out there and let the universe bring to me the ideal situations for my highest good and the highest good of all.

At this time, I’m focused on growing a business that serves fellow SOULopreneurs, helping them simplify their marketing efforts based on a framework and mindset I call Mindful Minimalist Marketing. (You can learn about Mindful Minimalist Marketing in a FREE toolkit you can access here.)

In the webinar included with that toolkit, I teach that the place to start is with a clear vision and goals for your business, because that will guide all of the other decisions you make.

A business vision board retreat

There are many tools and processes for crafting a vision and clarifying goals, but my preferred method is a fun one: creating a business vision board. If you’re interested in creating one, you might want to join me for my upcoming LIVE online Clear Vision Retreat, where we’ll do a Yoga Nidra for Clarity session, guided journaling, and create a digital vision board in Canva. (So for those of you who are new to Canva or struggling to use Canva, this is a great way to learn how to use the platform while doing an actual project, i.e., honing Canva skills is a “side effect” of the retreat!)

The retreat is happening Friday March 22, 2024 from 7-9:30pm ET. It’s CA$49 and spaces are limited so that we can have a small group experience with lots of time for personalized guidance from me.

I hope you can join me to create a powerful vision board for the next quarter or year, and:

  • Increase your clarity and focus;
  • Reduce stress and doubt; and
  • Build your dream business and life!

You can find more info about the retreat and register here.

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