Rest & Recharge with Yoga Nidra

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Are you stressed out, tired, or overwhelmed?

Maybe you're all of the above.

You're probably well aware that self-care is critical for your health and well-being, yet when you're feeling exhausted and frazzled, it can be hard to get motivated to make healthy choices.

It's so much easier to relax after a long, tiring day by just flopping on the couch and binge watching TV (with some wine and chips, or a bowl of ice cream)—but how do you really feel after you do that, especially if you do it often?

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What if there was a HEALTHY activity just as appealing as binge watching TV?

Well, there is. Yoga Nidra! It's a form of guided meditation where you settle into a supremely comfy position (typically lying down) and just listen. It's so easy and enjoyable, you'll look forward to doing it regularly—even when you're exhausted and unmotivated.

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Join me for Yoga Nidra classes that will help you...

  • deeply rest so you can replenish your physical, emotional & mental energy;
  • cultivate inner calm & mindfulness;
  • boost vitality & creativity;
  • improve focus;
  • & more!
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Enough talking about Yoga Nidra, let's practice together!

The challenge is that, as with many of the best things in life, like sunsets and puppies (if you 🤍 puppies like I do), words cannot adequately capture how wonderful they make you feel—you need to experience them for yourself.

That's how it is with Yoga Nidra. You really just need to give the practice a try. Check out the options for experiencing Yoga Nidra with me below.

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Give Yoga Nidra a whirl for FREE

Click below to listen to a free 30-minute sample session. No sign-up required or strings attached. Simply a gift from my 🤍 to yours. ENJOY!

Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest

Dive in deep with my Yoga Nidra offerings

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Yoga Nidra for Clarity

Tues Dec 5 | 7-8pm ET | on ZOOM

In this class, you'll deeply relax your body, quiet your mind, and set an intention to invite in clarity. By releasing the effects of overstimulation and overthinking, you'll help establish a foundation for your inner knowing and intuition to emerge. CA$15 (includes 14-day access to replay)

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Private Yoga Nidra Sessions

Usually on ZOOM | Occasionally in-person

I offer custom Yoga Nidra experiences for individuals, groups (e.g.,  coworkers, family, friends), and events (e.g., conference wellness sessions). CA$99 for a one-on-one 1-hour ZOOM session (including access to downloadable recording to keep forever). Group and event session pricing varies. In-person at your location may be an option, for additional cost. 

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Practicing Yoga Nidra with Stephanie has altered my relationship with stress. I keep myself very busy and don't always manage my stressors well; her Yoga Nidra guidance helps me to quiet my mind, release tension from my body, and sleep better. She also weaves facts about the science and philosophy behind the practice into her teachings, which gives me a greater understanding of how it helps me detach from pain and stress in ways that would be very difficult to do on my own.

Leslie M.

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I did private Yoga Nidra sessions with Stephanie during a period of time where I was facing a number of health and mobility challenges. Stephanie's cues to set an intention at the beginning of the session allowed me to focus on a single, manageable goal, and release my worries. Following each session, I felt energized (despite engaging in very little movement beyond a few deep breaths), and hopeful (from simply listening to her calming voice).

Subha R.


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